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2022 / NEW DELHI

Autogas Day a dedicated Conference that takes place once a year providing a global platform to discuss the most recent developments in Autogas, from policy trends, to market success stories, to innovation.

Autogas Day is also an opportunity for the industry to get involved through local activities targeting key stakeholders worldwide.

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What to Expect in 2022

This year’s Autogas Day, the fourth edition of this major international event, will again be part of LPG Week, taking place on Friday 18th November 2022. Autogas Day 2022 will focus on exciting innovations, key applications involving people and pertinent issues that drive policy support and the case for Autogas. The afternoon session will have a regional focus on India and neighbouring countries. 

Join us on Autogas Day 2022 and hear from industry leaders and external speakers on key developments, challenges, and opportunities, as well as what it takes to enter the market.

View the preliminary Autogas Day 2022 programme here:


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About Autogas Day 2020

With a successful start in Amsterdam during the 32nd World LPG Forum & European Congress in 2019, Autogas Day 2020 had several international speakers addressing the benefits of driving on Autogas, its contribution to cleaner air, its market potential, its successes in several countries, as well as the challenges associated with the global energy transition.