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2020 / E-LPG WEEK

In parallel to sessions, e-LPG Week will be featuring condensed 15 minute pre-recorded content tackling various topics, from LPG in humanitarian settings, to tackling the communications conundrum in your business.

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LPG as Marine Fuel

LPG as an alternative marine fuel in general, is one of the best solutions for the reduction of exhaust emissions from shipping, especially in light of the new IMO regulations and IMO GHG 2050 strategy. LPG is immediately and readily available, offers low investment & operating costs and shorter payback periods when compared to other fuel alternatives.

What are the challenges and how can stakeholders work together to increase its uptake?

Monday 2nd November 2:40pm-2:55pm

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LPG for Power Generation

LPG is an attractive low carbon, low cost solution for power generation in a range of size and technologies. It offers short payback periods, low investment, and leverages existing infrastructure. Yet so few people know that LPG is even an option.

How can the LPG industry get the word out?

Tuesday 3rd November 2:20pm-2:35pm

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This snapshot focuses on the latest WLPGA IoT report and challenges how it can improve the way the LPG industry performs.

Tuesday 3rd November 3:25pm-3:40pm

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Cutting Through the Noise: How the LPG industry has managed the COVID-19 crisis and what is next?

Much has been written about COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy, WLPGA can cut through the noise for the LPG industry and key stakeholders, to provide initial analysis of the industry response to this unprecedented challenge as well as an examination into what the role of LPG will be in the recovery.

Wednesday 4th November 2:20pm-2:35pm

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Negotiating the Communications Conundrum

The most essential element of business is communication. The conundrum is, are you using the most effective channel for your suppliers, your customers, anyone who plays a role in the success of your business? We need to be aware of all the benefits, and challenges, of leveraging the wide, and sometimes confusing, range of tools available.

Factor in a human challenge the likes of which our generation has never experienced before, and the conundrum multiplies, did we avoid marketing vulturism, did we adjust our messaging, and now what is the most efficient way for us to communicate going forward?

Wednesday 4th November 3:25pm-3:40pm

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Bringing Energy to Lives

The WLPGA and the UNHCR have formed a partnership to introduce LPG into refugee camps that have been reliant on wood as their primary cooking fuel. The transition from burning dirty and unhealthy wood, to clean and efficient LPG for cooking, brings many benefits.

This snapshot will be jointly presented by the WLPGA and the UNHCR and showcase new benefits that LPG brings to the kitchen.

Thursday 5th November 2:20pm-2:35pm

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Safety and the Good Industry Practice programme

Safety is an essential component of the LPG industry ; any lapses can lead to serious consequences. This snapshot looks at some simple things to apply from the Good Industry Practice programme that can not only save lives but protect shareholders assets.

Thursday 5th November 3:25pm-3:40pm

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Renewable LPG / bioLPG

Renewable LPG / bioLPG is the answer for the LPG industry to decarbonise and meet the 2050 environmental objectives.

What is the status? What are the supply and other challenges? And how will the industry deliver its promises towards 2050?

Friday 6th November 2:20pm-2:35pm

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