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2022 / NEW DELHI

The Exceptional Energy Stage, located in the centre of the exhibition, provides you with the chance to show new projects, technologies, products, and services, to delegates, exhibitors and visitors. LPG Week’s hybrid edition allows also for e-stage pre-recorded presentations to be shown on the event online platform and remains available on replay.

Only a limited number of slots are available and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact: exhibition@lpgweek.com

Onsite and Online Slot Options

Exceptional Energy Stage slots include a 10min online pre-recorded presentation.

The rates below are excluding GSTAccording to Indian Tax Legislation, Organisers of international events, exhibitions and service companies have to invoice all services in Indian Rupee (INR) and with 18 % (current rate in India, subject to modification) Good and Services Tax (GST) to Indian companies participating to the event.

Foreign companies (non-Indian) are not subject to GST and will be invoiced in Euro (EUR) without GST.

Where & When




Live at LPG Week 2022 & replay on online event platform for three months

Open to all LPG Week attendees onsite (capacity limit of 50 people) and all online attendees connected to the event platform

30 minutes onsite and 10 minutes online presentation

PREMIUM slots: 1,500€ (1,35,000 INR)

STANDARD slots: 1,200€ (1,08,000 INR)

Online only on the event platform and via replay for three months

Open to all LPG Week attendees connected to the event platform

10 minutes or 20 minutes

for 20 minutes: 1,000€ (90,000 INR)

for 10 minutes: 800€ (72,000 INR)

The EES slot planning will be shared shortly.

Contact us at exhibition@lpgweek.com for any question.

Exceptional Energy Stage in Action

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