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General Rules & Regulations - Terms & Conditions

MCI France has been entrusted by the World LPG Communication SARL (VAT N° FR 90421213 893, headquartered at 182, Avenue Charles de Gaulle – 92200 Neuilly sur- Seine, France) with the general logistics and organization of LPG Week 2023 here below referred to as “the Event”, to be held from 13th to 17th November 2023 in Rome, Italy. MCI France may also be referred to as ‘The Organisers” here below.

MCI France may also be referred to as “The Organizers” here below. The person or Organization making a reservation to book an exhibition space buying an advertisement or becoming a sponsor to the Event may also be referred to as “the Buyer”. Both the Organizers and the Buyer may also be referred to as “the Parties”.


In order to be valid, reservation form(s) are to be carried out by post or email on the original application form and sent to MCI France 25, rue Anatole France - 92300 Levallois-Perret France, by email exhibition@lpgweek.com or reserved on the online reservation platform on the Event website www.lpgweek.com.

In the absence of a specific written contract between the Parties, the electronic signature of the reservation form(s) constitutes a firm commitment and compel, if applicable, the subscriber to accept both the general conditions, the exhibition rules & regulations as well as all the specific conditions related to the Event. No verbal nor telephone agreement will commit the Organizers unless confirmed in writing.

Reservations will be attributed in order of arrival unless specific event conditions state differently and are subject to payment in full and the agreement of the Organizers. Once the reservations have been confirmed, no change will be possible without the Organizers’ written agreement. All payments must be received by the Organizers prior to the Event as per the general or specific Event conditions. No Buyer will be allowed to be listed as a sponsor/exhibitor/advertiser in the Event publications nor begin move-in operations until full payment is received by the Organizers according to the here below stated conditions.

As for the Exhibition, the floor plan presented in the exhibition brochure is noncontractual. It is subject to acceptance by the Local Public authorities and its official Fire & Safety Regulation Services. The Organizers reserve the right to change if deemed advisable, the location, size and layout of the surfaces requested by the exhibitor.


For reservations received an invoice will be issued once the completed reservation form is received by the Organizers. Payment of 50% deposit is due upon receipt of the invoice. Should payment not be received by MCI France within this time frame, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel the corresponding reservation and charge the 50% deposit. The total balance due is to be settled by June 30th, 2023 at the latest. Non-payment by this stated deadline may lead to cancellation of the reservation (booth or any other item), and without reimbursement of the sums paid.


The Organizers reserve the right to refuse reservations from Buyers not meeting standard requirements nor expectations and reserve the right to curtail or close stands, wholly or partially, that reflect unfavorably on the character and the purpose of the Event. Any outstanding fees due from past events from the Buyer to the Organizers may result in the refusal of the reservation until the payment of such outstanding fees has been received by the Organizers. The reservation would then be considered by the Organizers based on availability at that specific time.


The Organizers (MCI France) are the sole competent and authorized company to receive payments for this Event.

• bank transfer to the order of LPG Week 2023/ MCI France - Agency: LCL - Banque des Entreprises - Centre d’Affaires Entreprises Grands Comptes – 18 rue de la République - 69 002 Lyon

IBAN / Code BIC: FR91 3000 2056 6600 0006 0490 S87 / CRLYFRPPXXX (For any bank

transfers the Buyer must indicate the reason for payment on the transfer form, e.g.,

sponsorship, booth payment, advertising etc.).

• The Organizers also accept the following credit cards under certain conditions: VISA,




All cancellations must be made in writing to MCI France. The Organizers shall retain:

• 25% of the agreed amount due if the cancellation is made before 3rd  of April 2023.

• 50% of the agreed amount due if the cancellation is made between 4th of April 2023 and 30th of June 2023.

• 100% of the agreed amount due if the cancellation is made after 30th of June 2023.

After a reservation has been confirmed, a reduction of booth space, a modification of booth type or any other kind of item reduction, is considered as a cancellation and will be governed by the above cancellation policy. As for the exhibition, a reduction in space may result in relocation of exhibit space at the discretion of the Organizers.


Buyers shall abide by the local and site regulations with respect to law and order, as well as safe and security. The Organizers will take appropriate action against those who do not comply with the regulations. The Organizers have the authority to demand removal/ change of any tools/papers/ documents/ structures which are not in accordance with the Event rules or even cancel the participation of the Buyer. The decision of the Organizers will be final and binding.


Access to the exhibition will only be possible for registered participants. Exhibitors badges will allow access only to the exhibition. To attend any meetings or sessions, exhibitors will need to register as full delegates and pay the appropriate registration fee if applicable (refer to conference regulations policy).


The use and branding of exhibit space may not exceed the rented surface. The height limitation as communicated in the Exhibition Service Manual must be respected both for physical and visual devices (e.g., lasers, gobos, etc.).


The Buyer renounces to take recourse against the Organizers or against the owners of the premises and undertakes to underwrite insurance policies covering all the risks incurred by the material exhibited (theft, damage, etc...) along with public liability covering the permanent or occasional staff employed by the Buyer, present at the Event. None of the Organizers’ Insurance will cover the Buyer’s activities during the Event. The Buyer must maintain at their own expense public liability insurance covering legal liability in respect of:

(i) Damage to any real or personal property, including any damage to the Venue or to any fitting, equipment, or other property in the Venue.

(ii) injury to, or death of, any person arising out of or in connection with the Buyer’s participation in or attendance at the Event; and (iii) their employees, agents, and contractors.

(b) The period of insurance shall be from the time the Buyer first enters the Venue until all their exhibits have been properly removed to the satisfaction of the Organizer.

(c) The Buyer will indemnify and hold the Organizer and its representatives harmless in respect of all costs, claims, liabilities, losses, demands, proceedings, and expenses to which the Organizer and its representatives may in any way be subject as a result of the Buyer’s participation in the Event.

(d) If the Organizer so demands the Buyer must provide proof to the Organizer that the Client has adequate insurance coverage.

(e) The Organizer will not, in any event, be held responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever (including loss of profits suffered by the Buyer) as a result of any restrictions or conditions which prevent the construction, erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of the Buyer’s stand or for the failure of any service normally provided at the listed Venue, for the cancellation or part-time opening of the Event either as a whole or in part, or for amendments or alterations to all or any of the ‘Terms & Conditions caused by any circumstance not within the Organizer’s control.

The Organizers strongly recommend the Buyer to obtain adequate cover for travel cancellation, health, accident, and cancellation insurance before they depart to the Event or leave their country.


Exhibitors not occupying booth space by November 14th, 2023, will forfeit their booth space without refund. The space may be resold or used by the Organizers.


In the Case of Force Majeure, the event dates may be changed, or the latter may be purely and simply cancelled, the Organizers are not liable for failing to perform their obligations under this Agreement due to acts of God, natural disasters, pandemics, war, civil disturbance, or government action preventing the Organizers to perform their obligations under this Agreement where the cause is beyond the Organizer’s reasonable control (each a Force Majeure Event). The Organizers will provide written notice to the Sponsors, partners & exhibiting companies within a commercially reasonable time and use best efforts to resume performance as soon as reasonably possible. The Organizers may propose to amend the Services, notably by proposing an alternative venue and/or dates, that the Sponsors, partners & exhibiting companies shall consider in good faith and shall not reject without valid and objective reasons. In case the Event date is postponed or cancelled for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control (Force Majeure Event), the Organizers shall charge a 10% fee to the sponsors, partners & exhibiting companies covering services reasonably caused by the termination of this Agreement or the cancellation of the Event, and the time spent by the Organizers to mitigate the effects of the Force Majeure event.


Likewise, and especially in case of risk of harm to any person’s security (and independently from any case of Force Majeure), the Event Organizers reserve the right to change the Event location and, if necessary, to move the Event to another country or region than the one initially planned. The Event cancellation conditions stated below shall apply; the Organizers strongly recommend that Buyers subscribe adequate insurance covers and adequate cancellation insurance. In the Event of litigation, jurisdiction falls under the Paris Law Courts alone.


The Organizer is the sole competent authority as to problems arising from the interpretation of the here enclosed regulations and their enforcement. Any expenses resulting from the non-observance of the here-enclosed regulations will be chargeable to the Buyer. MCI France reserves the right to change or to complete the here-enclosed regulations without prior notice, but the Buyer will be informed.


A Service Manual will be sent to every duly registered Buyer a few months before the Event. This manual contains all the necessary information regarding general conditions, safety regulations, booth set-up and arrangement conditions, description of the booth, specification documents and maps along with order forms and prices for all necessary services (telephone, electricity, transport, storage...) required by the Buyer.


Instructions and tutorials will be sent to every duly registered Buyer before the Event. These instructions will contain all the necessary information regarding general conditions, graphics requirements, specification documents along with a user guide for the virtual event platform. During the event, the organizer will provide English-speaking technical support for the use of the virtual event platform.


It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that his contractor, employees, displays and exhibits all comply with the latest legislation regarding Health and Safety at Work regulations. The Organizers cannot be held responsible for the Buyer’s non-compliance to these laws and regulations and is entitled to stop booth building or remove the booth if the latter is not compliant with the local regulation and this without any possible claims against the Organizers.


The Organizers will communicate exclusively with clearly identified third party Companies officially mandated by the Buyer (participating exhibitors and sponsors). Queries received from third party Companies (i.e., communication and press agencies) which do not clearly indicate which Buyer they are representing will not be answered. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform the Organizers of the full contact details of the third-party Companies they are working with.


Press conferences and side events, as a meeting, virtual meeting, or networking event, organized by the Buyer or its duly authorized representatives may only be organized at times specified by the Organizers. The Organizers must be notified of any planned press conferences and all journalists must be officially registered to attend the Event.


Promotion onsite (at the Event) must be limited to the confines of the exhibit space, and/or to the meeting rooms rented by the sponsor/ exhibitor. It is completely forbidden to distribute any documents/gifts or any other type of goods in the common areas of the Event to promote your company. The Organizers reserve the right to close their booth if the Buyer is also exhibiting at the Event. Buyers holding any type of event outside the conference center without authorization will see their participation to the Event automatically cancelled without any reimbursement.


Entry and visa information is available at: https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en It is recommended that you plan your travel in advance and apply for your visa early, should you need one. The Organizers are NOT responsible for arranging visas. However, should you need an official invitation letter for visa application purposes, you may contact the Organizing Secretariat: exhibition@lpgweek.com No exhibition nor registration fee refund will be issued for cancellation or nonattendance due to failure to obtain a visa.


1 - In accordance with European data protection regulation, in particular Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, MCI France, as data controller, processes the Buyer’s personal data for the purposes of:

(I) managing and organizing the Event, in particular the management of the Buyers’ reservation (II) managing and organizing prospecting and loyalty (III) enabling the Buyer to benefit from our services (IV) enabling the Buyer to receive our news. These data processes have as legal basis the execution of the contract: the information we collect is necessary for the implementation of the contract to which the Buyer has adhered, failing which the contract cannot be executed. Buyer’s data are retained for the time necessary for processing purposes, namely 5 years from the end of the business relationship.

For processing purposes, the data of the Buyer’s data - or transmitted by him - will be transmitted to the following recipients: management service providers of our Customer Relationship Manager, service providers in charge of management, and event service providers (reception service providers, security, printing, etc.). The data necessary for MCI France to fulfil the purposes described above are those appearing on this order form. In accordance with the regulations in force, the Buyer’s benefits from a right of access, rectification, limitation, deletion, and portability on his data. The Buyer may also object to the processing of his personal data concerning him and lodge a complaint with the data protection and control authority. The Buyer may exercise his rights by sending a request to the following address: Data-Officer-France@mci-group.com

2 - In any event, the Buyer acknowledges compliance with European data protection regulations for its own processing, including Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, foremost among which the integrity and confidentiality of data communicated by participants and compliance with their data- retention periods. In case of communication to MCI France by the exhibitor/sponsor of a personal data file, the exhibitor/ sponsor acknowledges having informed and obtained the consent of the person(s) concerned by this communication.

3. If delegates have consented, the exhibitor/sponsor may retrieve delegates’ personal data. The way this information is stored and processed is subject to the privacy policy of the exhibitor/sponsor company. MCI cannot accept any liability in this regard.