2020 / e-LPG Week
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Wherever you are!

What if you could attend an event from anywhere in the world? You could save on travel and accommodation costs., not to mention you would be saving time. e-LPG Week is a fully virtual event which allows for anyone from anywhere to connect with the LPG industry online. So, grab a comfortable pair of trousers and a cup of coffee and get ready to learn from key industry leaders during a session, or heading over to a chatroom and building your network.


The Perks

  • Casual

Don’t worry about matching shoes with your shirt. No one can see you, so get comfortable and slip on those bunny slippers.

  • Relativity

Don’t feel pressured to catch a live session. Everything will be recorded. Grab a coffee and join whenever you want.

  • Your Space

Connect from your office, car, couch, bed or bathtub.

The Platform: Attendee Experience

The Platform: Exhibitor Experience