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2023 / ROME

LPG Week is WLPGA’s flagship event that was launched in Amsterdam in 2019 during the 32nd World LPG Forum and 2019 European Congress. LPG Week travels the globe annually bringing together CEO’s of major LPG companies, government ministers and representatives of major intergovernmental organisations as well as media, to explore the LPG business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships.

LPG Week provides greater value for a wider range of participants than ever before. Whatever your stake in the LPG industry, whether you are a producer, a shipper, a trader, a distributor, a manufacturer, a government representative or even a consumer, LPG Week is for you.


WLPGA's Flagship Event

LPG Week incorporates the successful annual World LPG Forum and its major global exhibition at its core, as well as the Global Technology Conference (GTC), the LPG for Development Summit (LPG4DEV). LPG Week also hosts the World LPG Challenge ’22, Autogas Day and many more events.

Are you interested in new technology or the prospects for bioLPG or rLPG? Are you a trader or a LPG shipper looking to maintain or forge new relationships? Are you responsible for LPG for your national government or are you simply a citizen concerned by our energy future? LPG Week is the event for you.


Welcome to the Network

LPG Week includes the full LPG value chain under an umbrella of upstream summits; meetings; workshops on trading and shipping; training; a start-up village; business and networking opportunities; government regulatory seminars; and more. Attendees come from all around the world to join LPG Week live and experience an event where all LPG sectors are represented, and connected on the event floor!

  • Production
  • Distribution and marketing companies
  • Storage, handling & distribution equipment
  • Innovation and digitalisation solutions
  • Engineering & project management
  • Autogas equipment
  • Appliances
  • Media and publications
  • Consultancy