2020 / DUBAI
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Discover LPG Week

With the WLPGA World LPG Forum and Exhibition at its core, LPG Week will expand to include the full LPG value chain. From upstream summits; workshops on trading and shipping; training; a start-up village; government regulatory seminars and more, LPG Week will provide greater value for a wider range of participants than ever before.


Are you interested in new technology or the prospects for Bio LPG? Are you a trader or an LPG shipper looking to maintain or forge new relationships? Are you responsible for LPG for your national government or are you simply a citizen concerned by our energy future?

Whatever your interest, thanks to its flexible registration structure, you can choose what you want to see and how long you want to stay. Discover LPG Week. Be bolder, braver, smarter. One year in a week. LPG Week.