2023 / ROME

The United Nations launched its sustainable development agenda in 2015, reflecting the growing understanding by Member States that a development model that is sustainable for this and future generations offers the best path forward for reducing poverty and improving the lives of people everywhere.

At the same time, climate change began making a profound impact on the consciousness of humanity. With the polar ice caps melting, global sea levels rising and cataclysmic weather events increasing in ferocity, no country in the world is safe from the effects of climate change.

Building a more sustainable global economy will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. It is, therefore, critically important that the international community meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals – and also the targets for reducing emissions set in the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.

Sustainable development and climate action are linked – and both are vital to the present and future well-being of humanity.

In the rapidly changing world with ecological impacts, it is obvious for WLPGA, LGE and LPG Week to engage in a sustainable development approach.

The goal is to build a sustainable event and to reduce the social and environmental impact.

With the start of the hybridisation of LPG Week, during the pandemic, the event has become accessible online and this has had an impact on the travel of participants.

LPG Week’s speaker donation for this year is to support Child Rights and You. This organisation helps to ensure happier and healthier childhoods for India’s underprivileged children. On behalf of each speaker, a donation will be made to this impactful association.

LPG Week’s spouse gift is a handmade pashmina produced locally by craftsmen.

We have drastically reduced the quantity of printed material and are no longer distributing delegate bags to the event delegates.

In terms of waste management, the waste of the event will be recycled.

There has been a significant reduction of meat on the various menus and local food has been provided. We have also increased the number of vegetarian options.

These are just a couple of items of the long-term sustainability strategy that we are putting in place for LPG Week. More communication about this will follow.