2020 / e-LPG Week

LPG Cybersecurity Workshop

HudsonAnalytix’s Cyber division is organising, as part of LPG Week, a LPG Cybersecurity Workshop and will be held on Thursday 5th November.

This two-part blended learning workshop will include a general cyber-risk-awareness-briefing followed by an interactive exercise. It will introduce participants to cybersecurity key concepts and principles, recognised best practices, and the overall cyber threat landscape.

Facilitated discussions will cover how cyber threats impact the LPG industry. Case studies will be presented and lessons-learned discussed.

Although topical areas will be reviewed without becoming entrenched in technical details, participants will be challenged in multiple hands-on exercises.

Workshop's Structure

Part I : up-front presentations introducing the audience to foundational cybersecurity concepts, an introduction to common cyber threat vectors and related terminology, and an introduction to and review of specific to the LPG industry cyber risk factors and challenges

Part II :  hands-on, interactive exercises involving the participants. Participants will be divided into working groups to work on a unique organisation profile.  Activities will consist of role-playing for both defense and attack (e.g. “red teaming”), with the latter incorporating specific injects



  • Allow participants to gain a foundational understanding of what constitutes cyber risk in the LPG industry.
  • Allow participants to gain real-world insights into how cyber threat actors can exploit vulnerabilities in their personal and professional environments.
  • Gather insights on the current state of cyber awareness among participants.

What to Expect?

Following a blended learning approach and in preparation for the workshop participants will be required to access online material and fill out a dedicated survey. Participants shall receive at the end of the workshop a Training Certificate.

Questions that will be raised include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What is cybersecurity?
  • What defines cyber risk?
  • How does cyber risk impact my job?
  • Why managing cyber risk is not limited to the “IT Department”?
  • What is the cyber risk / threat landscape?
  • How can cyber risk be effectively managed?
  • What is the role of cyber insurance?
  • Am I a risk?