2020 / e-LPG Week
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Virtual Networking

The e-week provides excellent socials to extend the networking possibilities, and catching up with friends and peers. It will allow you to create new and reinforce existing meaningful business connections.

How will you be virtually networking?

Create new and reinforce existing meaningful business connections. Full e-LPG Week registration passes benefit from the maximum potential for networking with access to the full list of participants including other delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, and visitors.

  • Artificial Intelligence Matchmaking
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Video calls
  • Interactive discussions related to sessions for Q&A and chat during the session
  • Polls and voting during sessions to share ideas and points of views
  • Group discussions

Wondering what to expect? Take a look at the below 👇

Network with other Delegates: Organise Meetings on the Platform

The advanced search tool with filters will allow you to find the contacts you’re looking for by browsing the list by country, region of operations, business unit, keywords etc. Conveniently save a contact or request a meeting by visiting a delegate’s profile. The AI powered matchmaking feature will recommend contacts of interest based on the information you provided while creating your delegate profile.

Chatrooms for Ongoing Conversations

Hosted chatrooms will be open to delegates who are looking to have a dynamic conversation with a larger group of people. Have a look at the various rooms available to you, and jump right in. Want to host a chatroom and organise your discussion. Contact the organisers at info@lpgweek.com.

Meeting Scheduler

Easily schedule the day and time of a meeting by checking out a company’s or delegate’s profile and the availabilities. Meeting can be done via chat or via video conference.

Live and On-Demand Sessions

While watching a session, join the conversation in real time. A live chatroom will be running for you to ask questions,  jump in the debate, vote on a poll or just to observe what the audience has to say about a session.

All session content will be available on-demand as a recorded video at anytime.

Marketplace, Your Opportunity to do Business

The Marketplace is a central hub of e-LPG Week. It represents a unique showcase for LPG companies, sponsors and partners to present their cutting edge technology, industry equipment, latest innovations and key services to the LPG community and beyond.

For visitors, it is the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the full LPG community.

It lists all the partners and uses an advanced search system with filters allowing partners, delegates and visitors to find their targets by organising the list by country, region of operations, category, keywords etc. Bookmark companies of your choice and access the company details

How to Network with the Attendees

How to Find Exhibitor Booths

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