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LPG Week 2022 Registration Categories and Fees

LPG Week 2022

The Full Registration fees include:

  • Access to all Conference Sessions, GTC, LPG4Dev Summit and Autogas Day
  • Access to Power Plays (limited number of seats. Registration on first come first served basis)
  • Access to the Exhibition
  • Access to Exceptional Energy (EE) Stage & e-Stage Presentations and Snapshots
  • Simultaneous Interpretation from English into Japanese
  • Name Badge (the badge is mandatory for security and access control reasons)
  • Virtual Delegate Bag (on Swapcard online event platform)
  • Two Networking Lunches and Morning and Afternoon Coffee Breaks
  • Invitation to the Exhibition Opening Cocktail and Incredible India Dinner
  • Invitation to the Members' Dinner (for member representatives only)*
  • Access to Online Event
  • Access to the Online Marketplace
  • Access to the e-stage VODs
  • Access to Online Networking (other visitors and all Marketplace profiles)
  • Access to all Online Platform Features (personal profile, visitor list, networking powered by AI matchmaking, personal programme, meeting requests, videoconference, live chat with individuals or groups and more)
  • Access to Online Proceedings

(1) Valid for the 2nd delegate and additional registrations from the same organisation.

(2) This category is restricted to national and local government agency, intergovernmental and EU representatives. Please send an official mission statement from your agency along with this form in order to benefit from this rate.

(3) An official and valid proof of university enrolment at the time of the event will be required to qualify for this category. This registration category does not allow access to the lunches and Incredible India Dinner.


Early-Bird Registration Fees

Until 14th September 2022

Late Registration Fees

Until 18th November 2022

Exclusive Intelligence Pass (for WLPGA members only)

206,100,00 INR 2,290€

231,300,00 INR 2,570€

Exclusive Intelligence Pass 2nd and following (1)(for WLPGA members only)

171,900,00 INR 1,910€

171,900,00 INR 1,910€

Intelligence Pass (for non WLPGA members)

264,600,00 INR 2,940€

297,000,00 INR 3,300€

Intelligence Pass 2nd and following (1) (for non WLPGA members)

227,700,00 INR 2,530€

227,700,00 INR 2,530€

Government Pass (2)

127,800,00 INR 1,420€

127,800,00 INR 1,420€

Learning Experience Pass (3)

2,250,00 INR 25€

2,250,00 INR 25€

According to Indian Tax Legislation, Organisers of international events, exhibitions and service companies have to invoice all services in Indian Rupee (INR) and with 18% (current rate in India, subject to modification) Good and Services Tax (GST) to Indian companies participating to the event. Foreign companies (non-Indian) are not subject to GST and will be invoiced in Euro (EUR) without GST.
Prices in EUR include 10% VAT.
Prices in INR include 18% GST.

Registration Terms and Conditions

Registration Modification & Cancellation

  • For a registration modification from physical to virtual received until Wednesday 12th October 2022, delegates will receive a reimbursement of the difference between the two fees.
  • For a registration modification from virtual to physical received until Wednesday 12th October 2022, delegates must pay the difference between the two fees due.
  • For a registration modification from physical to virtual received from Wednesday 12th October 2022, there will be no reimbursement of the difference between the two fees, as orders will be placed to suppliers.

For cancellations received prior to Wednesday 12th October 2022, midnight CET, deposits will be refunded less 25% administrative charge. After this date, no refunds will be possible.

  • A name change will be considered as a modification and will be charged 3,600,00 INR / 40 EUR.
  • A handling fee of 3,600,00 INR / 40 EUR per registration will be charged for every registration modification received from Wednesday 12th October 2022, including a name change.
  • If a badge is lost or forgotten onsite, an administrative fee of 7,200,00 INR / 80 EUR will be charged for the reprint of the badge after identity verification (passport, driving license or other recognised identification documents).

Networking Modification & Cancellation

  • Networking: For cancellations received prior to Wednesday 14th September 2022, midnight CET deposits will be refunded less 25% administrative fee. After this date, no refunds will be possible.

General Payment Conditions

  • All payments are to be made in the currency determined during the registration process. VAT may increase without notice and any such change will be reflected in final rates.
  • From Thursday 29th September 2022, only payments by credit card will be accepted.
  • Modifications and/or new registrations made on-site will require immediate payment (by cash or credit card).
  • An invoice to be settled upon receipt will be issued upon written confirmation. This invoice will act as a contract, and once issued, the above payment and cancellation conditions will apply.
  • No discount will be provided in case of early settlements.
  • Full payment of services is requested when registering. No confirmation or invitation letter will be sent until MCI has received the payment.
  • A penalty of 5% late payment interest will be applied in the event of delay in payment. In accordance with art. L-441-6, decree n Β° 2021-1115, debtors will be charged a sum of 40 EUR for collection costs.
  • No badge will be delivered until full payment of open invoices is received.
  • Payment of the registration and accommodation fees by credit card or bank transfer only.
  • Please indicate the participant's / group's name, identifier and β€œLPG Week 2022” on ALL payments (for example, LPG Week 2022-I/XX or G/XX).
  • All expenses shall be borne by ordering customer.
  • Refunds will be made after the event according to your payment method.

Please note that to comply with local government regulations regarding event registration, some personal delegate information will be shared with the competent authorities (First and Last Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Passport Number, Passport Issue and Expiry Date, Place of Issue of Passport and Credentials/Professional Details or Aadhaar details for Indian delegates).

Please note that your Passport or Aadhaar (for Indian delegates) details and copy will be asked during the registration process.

Passport validity: Please check the passport validity requirements for your country while planning your trip. Usually, the passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months (from the date of entry into India, from the date of visa application, from the date of departure – this depends on your home country).

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