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The Marketplace will be the key place for you to set-up meetings and do business. It is a central hub of e-LPG Week. It represents a unique showcase to discover products, innovations, industry equipment, latest innovations and key services to the LPG community and beyond. 

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Network with visitors

The advanced search tool with filters will allow you to connect with other visitors by browsing the profiles by country, region of operations, business unit, keywords etc. Conveniently save a contact or request a meeting by visiting a visitor's profile. The AI powered matchmaking feature will recommend contacts of interest based on the information you provided while creating your visitor profile.

Visitor Invitation

e-Stage & e-Snapshot sessions

Visitors will have access to all e-Stage & e-Snapshot presentations. While watching an e-Snapshot session, join the conversation in real time. A live chatroom will be running for you to ask questions, jump in the debate, vote on a poll or just to observe what the audience has to say about a session. Visitor accessible content will be available on-demand as a recorded video at anytime.

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