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The World LPG Challenge is a start-up competition launched by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) in 2019. The start-up Challenge is a competition designed to seek fresh solutions to industry challenges from people who work in the start-up community, outside of the LPG industry.

Traditionally the LPG industry has relied on expertise from within the industry to tackle their challenges. Many of the future challenges that the industry will face will demand new thinking from people with fresh, smart minds who are perhaps outside of the LPG industry. 

The success of the first competition in 2019 resulted in a decision by the WLPGA to run the Challenge in future as an annual event. The World LPG Challenge ’21 will continue to aim to encourage the start-up community to bring innovative solutions to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing the LPG industry.

Hosted during LPG Week, the World LPG Challenge ‘21 is a call to companies and start-ups to engage with the LPG industry in order to solve a challenge.

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World Challenge

Why Attend?

Taking up the Challenge is an opportunity for start-up companies to engage with the LPG industry, and present new solutions. All the finalists will be offered a complimentary pass to LPG Week in Dubai. In addition, the finalists will be provided with a complimentary pop-up booth within the exhibition area. The winners of the World LPG Challenge’21 will receive a financial prize from a total prize pool in excess of $10,000.

Who Should Attend?

Members of the global start-up community, and other stakeholders who are outside of the LPG industry, with innovative solutions to the challenge topic.

Topic: Innovation in Transport Safety

The LPG industry has a very good safety record but there are parts of the distribution channel that are considered high risk and where regular incidents occur. Two of these both involve the transport of LPG. The handling of LPG cylinders through the various parts of the distribution channel and the movement of bulk LPG from primary storage, by bulk road tankers and railcars, to terminal and consumer bulk storage facilities.

Poor LPG cylinder handling can lead to lost time injuries throughout the distribution channel. Serious incidents involving the movement of bulk LPG by road and railcar can lead to multiple fatalities, injuries, and asset damage.

The topic for the Challenge ‘21 focuses on seeking innovating measures to improve the safety of operations throughout the downstream LPG value chain, for both the packed (cylinders) and bulk sectors.

So, this is the World LPG Challenge for 2021. What innovating measures can be created for the industry to improve safety when transporting LPG through the distribution channel to the end user? How can LPG cylinders be better handled and distributed to reduce safety incidents? What can be done to improve safety when transporting bulk LPG, from the storage tank to bulk road tankers and railcars, to the customers facilities?

We want to hear your innovative ideas to create a safer environment for transporting LPG through the distribution channel and support the already good safety record that the industry has. These ideas might include:

  • The improvement of existing equipment design, or the creation of new equipment, for handling LPG cylinders, both small and large
  • The loading and unloading of bulk road tankers or railcars
  • The role of the driver of both packed and bulk vehicles and how their procedures could be made safer through driver alerts with, for example, facial recognition techniques
  • Improved scheduling, to reduce the risks of transporting LPG on the road
  • The improvement of existing, or the creation of new, handling procedures for both packed and bulk LPG
  • How the utilisation and the linking of digitilisation technology can be weaved into this innovation to make it attractive and easy to use

There will be many, many other ideas. We’d like to hear from you!

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How to Apply?

The World LPG Challenge’21 is launched under the theme: Innovation in Transport Safety.

Submissions will be screened during the third quarter of 2021 when the finalists will be selected. Each finalist will be advised to prepare a short presentation in preparation of the pitch off during LPG Week. The judging panel will screen the finalists and the final three will pitch off in front of a live virtual audience who will select the winner.

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Important Dates

  • Applications Open: 30th April 2021 - 10th September
  • Finalists Screening and Selection: 11th September - 30th September 2021
  • Final pitch during LPG Week: 8th December 2021

Judging Panel & Prizes

The judging panel for screening the finalists consists of senior executives from the WLPGA team and the WLPGA membership - and representatives from outside the industry - who all have a deep understanding of the challenge facing the industry. The live audience watching the final (5 minutes) pitch offs between the three finalists will select the winner using Sli.do – the audience interactive polling tool. The pitch off for previous World LPG Challenges have attracted audiences in excess of 300.

Three candidates will be invited to Dubai to compete in the final pitch off on Wednesday 8th December 2021.

This will take place during LPG Week in the main plenary where a live audience, of hundreds of delegates, will select the winner. If travelling restrictions prevent this the final will be held virtually.

Each of the three finalists will receive a complimentary pass to LPG Week and be provided with a popup booth in the main exhibition, of over 100 booths, to promote their solution to a focused audience seeking answers to the challenge facing the LPG industry – Innovation in Transport Safety.

 All three finalists who pitch off on 8th December 2021 will share a prize pool of over $10,000.

The overall winner will also receive a complimentary pass to the 34th World LPG Forum during LPG Week in New Delhi, India.

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Want to Support & Sponsor the World LPG Challenge'21?

Contact David Tyler: dtyler@wlpga.org or André Pimentel: andre.pimentel@anova.com